1st May

Saint Efisio has reached  the three hundred and fifty editions (2019– 363a) and still attracts many faithful participants from all over the world.

It is said, that Efisio, the holy warrior defeated the plague that was decimating Sardinian people, and it is in memory of this miracle, that every year, the first of May, the statue of Sant’Efisio retraces the road to reach the place on the coast where his martyrdom took place.


The clothing-ritual of the statue and the Mass take place in the small church dedicated to Saint Efisio, in the Stampace district of Cagliari.

The procession is open from the Traccas, heavy carts pulled from oxen adorned with flowers, ribbons and coloured tapestries.

They are followed by women and men in prayer dressed in traditional costumes and adorned with jewels from the towns and cities of Sardinia.

Knights, players of launeddas, confraternities and symbolically represented “authorities” precede the sumptuous chariot that guards the Saint, escorted by the militia and followed by the large crowd of the faithful.

The Procession

The procession reaches its crucial point in via Roma, where sa ramadura is performed, the street is covered with a carpet of rose petals, which fills the air with spring fragrances. After a few stops, the first of which to Giorgino, the procession will arrive in Nora the next day. Sant ‘Efisio will return to Cagliari on the fourth of May retracing the same journey as the first leg, ready to repeat the same journey the following year. event is international and brings together culture, faith and tradition together, accompanied by a feast of sounds, scents and colors.



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