Park of 7 Fratelli

the start of the route is recommended Camisa

Recommended for those who love nature and loves photography. High chance to meet the Sardinian deer and golden eagles, several endemic plant species in a forest untouched by Quercus ilex, arbutus tree heath and the famous Etna broom.
The start of the route is recommended Camisa, one of the villages of the municipality of Castiadas, but you can also start from the penal colony opened as a museum.
Immediately after the jail the road is unpaved, but passable with a car to the fork in the mountains of Minni-minni (near the antenna). At this point (about 5 km from prison), called Su Gutturu Frascu, shall not be Geremeas, but turn right to Mount Arbu (no signs).
The reference points are: the home of the semi-abandoned town of Costa Rei, but enclosed with a gate (4 Km from Gutturu Frascu); Home hunters that if you want you can avoid it; the dolmen of Mont Arbu at an altitude of 858 meters; the Sphinx, monumental rock with a characteristic shape from which you can observe the Sette Fratelli which is located at an altitude of a thousand meters.
The route from your home hunters form a ring, and in some cases is indicated by the path the only path of Sardinia Italy made ​​this immense forest in 1996 by the CAI But that leads to the heights of the Seven Brothers, starting from Montarbu.
Along the way you look out to the sea of Costa Rei and Villasimius, revealing one of the most beautiful and intense in Sardinia. On days with clear skies you can see the peaks of Gennargentu.