Mountain Bike itineraries

For cycling enthusiasts there is a series of itineraries to discover of the most charming and lesser-known corners of southern Sardinia

From Torre Salinas to Baccu Arrodas

The bumpy road makes the two hills difficult to climb.

At the start the vegetation is short and the soil stony, but the second part is characterised by a dense wood and by the old mine Baccu Arrodas, once part of the rich mining district of Sarrabus-Gerrei.

The itinerary begins in the village of San Priamo, along the road to Muravera at 54km from the old 125 road.

The hike along the dirt road begins immediately after a short ride on a tarmac road.

Distance 38 km. Vertical drop: 850 m.

The peaks of the Seven Brothers.

For those who love nature and photography, visit The Seven Bothers by mountain bike.

Upon reaching the destination, your route passes through a network of walking paths and trails in the undergrowth. Allow yourselves time to admire the landscape and beauty, as the peaks of Seven Brothers create a very striking massif.

If you are lucky you might manage to see Sardinian deer, but if not, you will certainly be fascinated by the huge grey granite rocks which are real natural monuments .