Motorbike Itineraries

All the routes which can be fulfilled from the Camping Village Torre Salinas to the most beautiful destinations for motorbike lovers.

From Torre Salinas to Cala Sa Figu

From Torre Salinas in an hour, a wonderful journey by car.

In little more than an hour from Camping VIllage Torre Salinas, you can reach the first stage of Cala sa Figu along the coastal roads and return along the internal roads of Southern Sardinia.

Montiferru, the ancient volcano

Coast to Coast to discover fascinating scenarios

Starting from the Camping Village Torre Salinas you can reach the Ogliastra with its stunning views and continue across the internal part of the island until you reach Montiferru, an ancient extinct volcano covered with impenetrable forests where Sardinian deer and mouflon are hidden, marked by impressive and characteristic spikes of rock.

You may pause in Bonarcado, the medieval village at the foot of the Montiferru and continue towards San Vero Mils, famous for the delicious Vernaccia characterized by a delicate scent of almonds.

Continuing on the national road S.S. 292 you reach Cabras where we can find stretches of beautiful white sand of Is Arutas and Oristano, the characteristic small town enclosed within the sea, the lake of St. Just and the Tirso river.

From there, taking the national road S.S. 131 will return you to Cagliari and then Torre Salinas.